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How financial institutions are reinventing consumer experience and fraud protection to work in a digital environment.

Join us 26th May 2020


2.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


A paradigm shift in customer experience excellence

Financial institutions are designing their digital onboarding journeys to emphasize new metrics such as “speed, convenience and enjoyment”.

They are increasingly choosing fraud providers who are re-engineering their solutions to deliver a single, streamlined fraud platform thereby freeing them to focus on delighting their customers.

Flexigroup: Innovating a whole new world of consumer finance

Flexigroup is a leader in the category of digital payments. Its product ecosystem consists of buy now pay later, credit cards, and business financing products.

Several years ago, Flexigroup committed itself to delivering a second-to-none digital onboarding and transaction experience to customers.

Find out how financial institutions like Flexigroup faced with the challenges in the digital economy are moving the conversation forward from fraud protection and compliance toward customer experience.

Event Highlights & Speakers
Benchmarks for making consumers happier in a digital world
Datasets tick
The benefits of a single digital fraud platform to combat cyber financial fraud attacks and achieve low friction customer experience
Strategies to combat prevalent and emerging fraud typologies including first party and merchant fraud risk

Peter Dam

Head of Fraud Analytics, Flexigroup 


Peter Dam is the Head of Fraud Analytics at Flexigroup where he is responsible for leveraging data to drive fraud strategy and developing new analytics capability to maximise business value in fraud prevention. He has over 10 years' experience developing and leading teams in the financial services industry to deliver multi-million dollar reductions in fraud loss and operational efficiencies. 


Albert van Wyk

Regional Director, ANZ, GBG


Albert van Wyk is the Regional Director in Australia and New Zealand with a focus on enterprise financial crime management solutions. Albert has been an active part of the fraud and compliance community for the past twenty years and he is passionate about fighting the good fight - helping organisations use technology to create safer global communities.


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