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Futureproofing Fraud Prevention in Digital Channels: APAC Banking & Finance Study

Date: 21 October 2020

Time: 2:00pm SGT



About this webinar

Today, most financial institutions (FIs) in APAC are equipped with point solutions and processes to serve accessible segments like the white and blue collar working professionals readily. However, these organizations are rethinking their near-term and long-term fraud prevention strategies to succeed in digital expansion and new digital product rollouts.


Through GBG’s June 2020 market research on “Futureproofing Fraud Detection in Digital Channels: APAC Banking & Finance Study”, key finance and banking personnel in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Australia are evolving organizations to thrive in the digital age, such as

Instant gratification

Provisioning digital finance products that offer instant gratification (average of additional 30% of respondents across each different instant product)

End to end fraud management

Creating sustainable differentiation to manage fraud and futureproof digital offerings through end to end fraud management (66% of respondents)

Mobile shopping
Digital fraud management platform

Locking in funds to setup a digital fraud management platform (52% of respondents)

Webinar Insights
mobile and online fraud

The top concerns FIs have in expanding digital products and channels

Corona effect

Types of budgeted fraud investments to pre-empt emerging and future digital fraud typologies


How early adopters are already walking the talk to futureproof fraud detection agilely


Building mindshare and digital trust with consumers from branch to online

Increased application fraud

Sustaining a 100% online business model while up against multi-faceted financial crimes

Michelle Weatherhead


Mrs. Weatherhead has over 18 years of global industry expertise specialising in the domains of AML compliance, Fraud, Financial Crime and Cybersecurity solutions. She is driven to facilitate the development of safe global communities with technology. In her current role as GBG’s Operations Director, APAC she spearheads customer success through a variety of initiatives spanning new solutions development, partner alliance development and professional services engagement. Based in Melbourne Australia, she is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science from the Victoria University of Wellington.


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Speaker C

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Join the webinar to hear Michelle Weatherhead, APAC Operations Director for GBG, share holistic insights into how FIs are futureproofing fraud detection in digital channels. Guest speakers helming digital banking and fraud management roles would be joining the webinar to share their approaches and considerations in building digital access and growth while balancing fraud management.

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